Are you facing divorce?

Divorce is hard.  It is a time of hurt feelings, broken dreams, and lots of loose ends to tie up.  Or you could be one of the lucky ones who have decided they are better as friends and are happily moving on with their lives.  But if you are reading this then likely you have property that you or your ex own that needs to be sold in order to divide assets.

My passion is helping people who are going through divorce to understand their options and to work with them to get their properties sold.  For those couples who need it – I have a system for communication that helps to decrease the amount of stress and tension between ex partners during the process of selling property.

Contact me for a confidential information package where I will walk you through your options – you may have more than you think!

Divorce is hard – selling shared property doesn’t have to be!



Part 3 – Resources for those facing Divorce and Separation – Sharon Numerow with Alberta Divorce Finances

Meet the Amazing Sharon Numerow – owner and operator of Alberta Divorce Finances.

I first met Sharon when I was researching the financial aspects associated with divorce. I was impressed by her direct and informative approach to the financial aspect of divorce.  She not only can help you organize your finances she knows how to look at them and evaluate their worth and tax implications so that a 50 / 50 split is thoughtful and tax conscious.

Click here to explore their services –

Sharon and I recorded this video interview where Sharon shares some valuable tips on what to prepare for with respect to dividing assets in a divorce. Click here to watch it.

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If you are interested in getting more information or booking an info session with Sharon you can contact her on her website, or email or phone 403-703-7176.

Sharon – you are a genius and the clients I know that work with you LOVE you! Keep it up!


PART 2 Resources for those facing Divorce and Separation with Cyndy Morin – Family Lawyer – Owner Resolve Legal Group

Meet the Amazing Cyndy Morin – Family Lawyer and owner of Resolve Legal Group.

I first met Cyndy when I was researching family law firms in Calgary. I was impressed by her unique and very necessary programs that her firm offers for families in any situation.  Cyndy and her team really have gone above and beyond to offer real support for those dealing with divorce and separation.  Cyndy and her team are forward thinking and relevant.  They are outstanding! Click here to explore their family law services and also their client support services.

Cyndy and I recorded this video interview where I ask her to give us the top 5 tips on what you need to prepare for when considering divorce.  Click here to watch it.

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If you are interested in getting in on the FREE study for families who are struggling with custody / parenting schedules please call and ask for Amy (403-229-2365) and explain you are interested in joining the Free Study for the Kids In Mind program.

Also check out the series called “Your Family Matters”  where Cyndy has 38 episodes on different topics relevant to divorce and separation.  Here is the link to Cyndy’s podcasts – Your Family Matters.

Cyndy – you are an inspiration.  Truly you are an amazing woman and you give so much to your clients and the public at large – you are and always will be a mentor of mine.

Moving On After Divorce – Coaching and Support Program in Calgary, AB

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Meet the Amazing Sharon Richardson – Divorce Coach and facilitator/owner of Moving On After Divorce.

I first met Sharon when recently attended the fantastic Resilience Symposium for Divorce and Separation in Calgary and I was really intrigued by what Sharon was offering.  Sharon and her husband David offer workshops and coaching for people at any stage of divorce with the main goal being to help people recognize what stage of the process they are in and to help then heal their hearts and think clearly about the future so they can get closer to the stage of acceptance and moving forward and making good decisions about moving on.

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Visit their website for details. 

Future Dates for Workshops – June 8-11.  Price $595CAN + GST.


What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and why do I need one?

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I get questions all the time from clients who want to trade their interest in the house for their partner’s interest in their pension, or someone saying I’ll take the credit card debt if they take the vehicle debt and how that relates to a new mortgage…

No matter the question or comment – my answer is always the same – you need to speak to a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) before you make any big financial decisions concerning your separation/divorce.


Well – a CDFA™ is someone who is specifically trained to explain all financial aspects of the pending decisions in separation and divorce and they help to empower their client(s) to make educated decisions throughout the process.

CDFA™’s can help clients determine the short term and long term financial impact of any proposed divorce settlement.  They also provide valuable information on financial issues that are related to the divorce, such as tax consequences, dividing pension plans, continued health care coverage, investment information and much more.

I know someone who is a CDFA™ – her name is Sharon Numerow and she owns Alberta Divorce Finances.   Sharon is a no nonsense kind of lady with tons of experience and the added bonus of being a mediator.  For an introduction to Sharon and what a CDFA™ can do for you watch her video here.

She offers a free 30 minute consultation – and trust me – it is worth the time!

Conscious Uncoupling – what is all the hype about?


If you are thinking of divorce – or know someone who is – maybe you have heard about this amazing book / program called Conscious Uncoupling.

What really struck me about this program was all of the success stories from real people who have used the book and program to separate from their relationships and move on with grace.  Read them here.

Recently when I attended the Divorce Symposium in Calgary, AB – the speakers included a Family Court Judge, a Lawyer, A Physiologist and many other experts – the message from each of them was the same: “Why let a judge decide what is best for your family?” 

The judge in attendance really said it best when she bluntly said -“I don’t know your kids.  I don’t love them like you do.  So why am I making decisions for them?  You and your ex spouse should be the ones to make the decisions.  Because in court there is a winner and there is a looser… but in my experience the kids are always the losers.”

Powerful message!

But fear not – There are success stories out there!

I know a couple who have taken their love for their kids and their respect for each other to the next level:  they have decided to parent their children in their family home and rather than having the children move from mom’s place to dad’s place – the kids stay put and mom and dad take turns being with the kids in the family home or being in a nice little condo on their week away.   Very cool!  The kids are adjusting well! 

I highly encourage you to read the book Conscious Uncoupling.  Make good choices and approach your separation / divorce with a new perspective.  It can make the world of difference to you, your ex and the rest of your family and friends.

Take care of yourselves! – TB

Jenny Craig – Divorce Coach

I also have the privilege of knowing someone who offers an online divorce coaching service.  Her name is Jenny Craig-Britt and she is the owner of GoldCoastDivorce

Jenny offers online programs and helpful links and articles to pick you up and keep you focused on a better future.

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