Conscious Uncoupling – what is all the hype about?


If you are thinking of divorce – or know someone who is – maybe you have heard about this amazing book / program called Conscious Uncoupling.

What really struck me about this program was all of the success stories from real people who have used the book and program to separate from their relationships and move on with grace.  Read them here.

Recently when I attended the Divorce Symposium in Calgary, AB – the speakers included a Family Court Judge, a Lawyer, A Physiologist and many other experts – the message from each of them was the same: “Why let a judge decide what is best for your family?” 

The judge in attendance really said it best when she bluntly said -“I don’t know your kids.  I don’t love them like you do.  So why am I making decisions for them?  You and your ex spouse should be the ones to make the decisions.  Because in court there is a winner and there is a looser… but in my experience the kids are always the losers.”

Powerful message!

But fear not – There are success stories out there!

I know a couple who have taken their love for their kids and their respect for each other to the next level:  they have decided to parent their children in their family home and rather than having the children move from mom’s place to dad’s place – the kids stay put and mom and dad take turns being with the kids in the family home or being in a nice little condo on their week away.   Very cool!  The kids are adjusting well! 

I highly encourage you to read the book Conscious Uncoupling.  Make good choices and approach your separation / divorce with a new perspective.  It can make the world of difference to you, your ex and the rest of your family and friends.

Take care of yourselves! – TB

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