PART 2 Resources for those facing Divorce and Separation with Cyndy Morin – Family Lawyer – Owner Resolve Legal Group

Meet the Amazing Cyndy Morin – Family Lawyer and owner of Resolve Legal Group.

I first met Cyndy when I was researching family law firms in Calgary. I was impressed by her unique and very necessary programs that her firm offers for families in any situation.  Cyndy and her team really have gone above and beyond to offer real support for those dealing with divorce and separation.  Cyndy and her team are forward thinking and relevant.  They are outstanding! Click here to explore their family law services and also their client support services.

Cyndy and I recorded this video interview where I ask her to give us the top 5 tips on what you need to prepare for when considering divorce.  Click here to watch it.

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If you are interested in getting in on the FREE study for families who are struggling with custody / parenting schedules please call and ask for Amy (403-229-2365) and explain you are interested in joining the Free Study for the Kids In Mind program.

Also check out the series called “Your Family Matters”  where Cyndy has 38 episodes on different topics relevant to divorce and separation.  Here is the link to Cyndy’s podcasts – Your Family Matters.

Cyndy – you are an inspiration.  Truly you are an amazing woman and you give so much to your clients and the public at large – you are and always will be a mentor of mine.

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