About Tyler

As a child of divorce I know a thing or two about how hard things can be on everyone in the family when a couple is facing divorce or separation.  The time between deciding to separate and finalizing your divorce is a period of your life when there are a lot of unknowns and a lot of things to get used to that are now becoming the new normal.

My passion is to help people who are facing divorce or separation specifically with regards to buying and selling property.  If you are reading this then likely you and your partner share a property and whether you want to or not you may need to sell your home in order to divide assets and finalize your divorce.  One of you (or both) may not want to sell and the thought of moving to a new home is overwhelming.  My 5 step system can help couples organize their priorities with regards to selling and buying and can make the whole process a lot less stressful on everyone involved.

Contact me for a confidential information package where I will walk you through your options – you may have more than you think!

Not quite sure if or when you will leave your partner?  Looking for information before  you have “the talk”?  Don’t worry – your information will always be kept confidential.

Divorce is hard – selling shared property doesn’t have to be!


Tyler Baptist is a licensed Real Estate Associate and primarily works with clients in Airdrie, Calgary and surrounding areas.  As a licensed Real Estate Associate she is only licensed to work with clients and offer information with regards to real estate.  To visit my real estate website please visit tylerbaptist.ca.

Only a lawyer can give legal advice.  For a full list of lawyers in the province of Alberta visit http://www.lawsociety.ab.ca.  You are encouraged to contact and choose a lawyer for yourself, but for a list of featured lawyers and other useful contacts please contact me.